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Helena's about to get all deep on you

I think I'm about to get all deep on you.

I have always been clear that the True You community is a family and in times like these, that vision is crystal clear. A family has a common goal and an understood system. The system that the True You family has been working with for years is faith and discipline. We've always had faith in the process of yoga and the discipline to act on it and it is times like these where we get to put this into practical practice.

The process of yoga is often slow, barely detectable to the human eye from day to day, but noticeable in moments of clarity. We get the pleasure of feeling relief after a tough class but it's really the accumulation of our practice that is its jewel. As a family we practice discipline. We practice the discipline of showing up regularly, of maintaining a steady breath, and keeping a calm disposition in the midst of something difficult.

When one thinks of discipline they might quickly be brought to a place of restriction, but as yogis we know different. We know that discipline is actually the cornerstone of lightness. In times of uncertainty it is our discipline to act in love, compassion, and good ol' fashioned fun that will keep us tethered to our peace of mind. Discipline actually allows the moment to be very light, simple and innocent.

Our time is now. It is my personal belief that we owe it to our fellow community members to be faithful in a positive future and to remember that in this moment we are creating our future. Each thought we have, each action we take, and every emotion that we feel becomes a derivative of our future. The future lives in the present moment and we are the creators of our future by our present moment awareness and through our ability to choose. Our consciousness has never been so important, so impactful.

There's a golden light at the end of this tunnel so long as we continue to have faith and discipline for the collective. Yoga is union. We are all in this together. We always have been in it together, as a family, at the edge of our seat or in a deep, deep savasana one sweat drop at a time.

To the courageous and inquisitive

To the courageous and inquisitive: True You Hot Yoga is the healthy commitment that teaches discipline is the pathway to freedom.

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