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Hi, I’m Will Phung. I’m a Sacramento-based educator, digital storyteller, adventurist, and most importantly, lifelong learner. I wrote this blog to tell you about my experience at True You Hot Yoga.

I first learned of Bikram Yoga in 2010 when one of my high school classmates raved about the new studio that had opened in Stockton. She enthusiastically recalled the hot temperatures, deep stretches, and took pride in the fact that she “felt like she was a pig sweating out all of her fat.” My interest was piqued.

But years would pass and I’d move away for college. I opted for the more “manly” sports of intramural basketball and collegiate boxing. Still, I was always interested in yoga. So, I bought one of those mats that have 27 instructional drawings of yoga poses printed directly on it. I even practiced by watching countless YouTube yoga videos, in the hopes of improving my flexibility and finding a pseudo-sense of spirituality. All the while, I would hear more and more stories about Bikram and hot yoga.

Towards the end of 2016, I was back in town and my friend Paul told me that he had been going to True You Hot Yoga since it offered him an array of low-impact exercises. For Paul, these types of exercise were essential because he was recovering from stress fractures in his foot. Paul mentioned that they were offering an exclusive deal for new members: $20 for 10 days of unlimited classes. Heck, I’d be back in town to stay with family for the beginning of the year and I had $20 to spare, why not finally give it a go?

Brimming with a bubbling sense of confidence because of the New Year, I knew it was time to try something new. And as one of the first steps in this process of self-empowerment and dream-chasing, I decided to start my 10-day trial at True You Hot Yoga.

Over the course of the next 10 days, I attended 13 True You sessions:

  • 3 Bikram Method Power Hour Hot 60 classes
  • 2 Bikram Method Hot 72 classes
  • 3 Inferno Hot Pilates classes
  • 2 Yin Yoga classes
  • 2 Vinyasa Fusion 60 classes
  • 1 Bikram Method Music 72 class

Bikram Method Power Hour Hot 60 and Hot 72 were some of my favorite classes because they focus on Yoga fundamentals during quick, efficient sessions. With each class I attended, my sense of time slowed down. This forced me more present in the moment. After each session, I was grateful that I allotted the time for myself, no matter whatever else happened throughout the day.

Inferno Hot Pilates was the most intense and popular class that I attended at True You. As someone who takes pride in being able to do many bodyweight exercises and callisthenic routines, IHP was surprisingly difficult. Since I was more familiar with many of the IHP exercises, such as burpees, mountain climbers, and squats, I did as many repetitions per round as possible. Thus, I was completely spent at certain points in the IHP class. IHP was one of the best workouts I’ve ever had.

Yin Yoga is an amazing class. For starters, it’s not practiced in a hot room. In fact, you can practice it in sweaters and sweats. The whole point of this class is to slow everything down. In this modern age, we’re often in a rush and relegated to work 9-5’s among all our other obligations, which is referred to as the “Yang” lifestyle. Yin is its antithesis, where we can find a balance, recharging our batteries instead of letting them burn out.

During the class, all my thoughts and worries melted away as my body dissolved into each asana. It was like self-imposing my own massage and one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had. Yin is the perfect class to end the work week.

Vinyasa Fusion 60 is a must-take class because it’s one of the purest forms of yoga. By constantly challenging and contorting my body through a series of asanas, I could greatly improve my technique. The humidity and temperature of True You’s studio play a major role in Vinyasa as you flow smoothly from position to position. This class was one of my favorites and the True You team does a masterful job of pacing the class and paying attention to each students’ needs.

Bikram Method Music 72 is for all you music lovers out there. It was awesome because it was like the Hot series but with music blaring throughout the session. Music is a vital component of my life and it often allows me to go on mental autopilot. In this yoga class, music acts as relaxing white noise, allowing me to focus on myself and stretching into each asana.

Final Thoughts: As previously mentioned, I attended 13 classes with 2 full rest days during my 10-day trial. I’m a more experienced yogi and an overall intense guy, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend taking so many class. For those of you thinking about attending a class, try it out! True You’s 10-day trial is a screaming deal and a great opportunity to learn, improving not only your fitness, but your mind. When you first start out, your only goal is to stay in the room because it takes time to get accustomed to the temperature and humidity of the room. However, you’ll find that these conditions will help you fall deeper into each stretch, allowing you to focus on your breathing and yoga asanas. Throughout the trial, I sweated out a significant amount of weight while building strength and increasing my flexibility. With that said, I’m going to pursue any and all opportunities to continue practicing yoga in the future and I want to give my sincerest thanks to everyone at True You. True You Hot Yoga excels at creating an open and positive atmosphere while guiding their students through an unforgettable yoga experience. Every time I walked into True You Hot Yoga, I was greeted with warm smiles, high spirits and most importantly, friendly and understanding instructors. In fact, I’m so grateful to Helena and the True You Hot Yoga team that I felt obligated to write this blog to give back to them. I highly recommend True You Hot Yoga for any first-time yogis out there. Until next time, namaste!

To the courageous and inquisitive: True You Hot Yoga is the healthy commitment that teaches discipline is the pathway to freedom.

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