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By: Helena Monica

A great deal of people have the desire to be in shape and feel good at any age but as we get older that takes on a different meaning and has a new set of rules. When you look at fitness in your prime the one factor you have to consider is that you have some history behind you. That history is going to play a big role in what choices you make moving forward. Aside from the fact that once we hit our prime we are more spiritual than we are physical as a whole. In other words, we are not nearly as fixated with what we see in the mirror as with feeling strong, pain free and clear headed.

Before you can make choices moving forward you have to look back. Your body has been recording every bit of information you have given it since the day you were born. I like to call this cellular soup. All of what you eat, think and feel has become a part of you.

So moving forward becomes a matter of reversing out. Layer by layer you reverse whatever it is that you want to change and by telling your body a new story. Remember that your body is always responding and adapting to you and the more times you repeat the information you give it the deeper it drives into your cellular system, recording that information until it take form. A great example of this is laugh lines or pursed lips. When we hold our expression one way long enough the lines deepen showing the depth of our character and our history. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perceptions are all causing imprints in your body that shape your overall health.

Based on this model your choices for your future are somewhat simple. Physically speaking if you have been sedentary getting movement in everyday is very important to keep your circulation moving as well as concentrating on eating foods that are not dense and over processed. If you have lost muscle mass start a strength building regime. If you are stiff take on a yoga or stretching routine. If you have been very physical all your life or have been considered type-A then you might need to find a way to recover by allowing your body to do something less aggressive. It might take more time to build the form or the flexibility because the depth of the imprint but it will pay off as your body is always listening and wanting to work with you and the very act of doing something different, unusual is very good for the brain!

The story is bigger than that as pain may have become a distraction that you do not want to get in the way of what you really want to focus on which is your emotional and spiritual well-being. By now you have learned a thing or two and want to enjoy the mental freedom you have gained and are in no mood to have the aches and pains of age to get in your way!

One of the best things you can possible do to reverse out of anything and manage pain is to meditate. Since your mind is playing a large roll in how you feel. Meditation is a groundbreaking choice for mental, emotional and physical healing. You don’t have to make a big deal out of it. Set aside 10 minutes to start, building yourself up to an hour a day, 30 minutes in the morning an 30 and night, and simply focus on your breath and being calm. Moment by moment you will clear you mind of old debri and will be fascinated at the positive effects it will have on you.

Your diet is paramount to the reversal process. You should take great pride in staying away from pharmaceuticals and eating a plant rich diet that is close to the source. Pharmaceuticals have their place but the synthetics ultimately have a domino effect that lead to mental fogginess, stiffness and irritability taking you away from your spiritual ground. Do not take this part of your equation lightly. The natural path way is easy to find, exciting and will have you feeling so clear and in control of your health. Again there are times when pharmaceuticals are necessary but even then be sure to counter act them with a cleansing ritual like juicing or yoga.

Be careful of your environment which starts at home. If you are having a difficult time taking your first steps in the reversal process start by clearing out your home. Making physical changes and clearing out old furniture, books or whatever it is that has been in the same place for too long will give you a breath of fresh air. Inner creates the outer but sometimes clearing the outer gives a spark of inspiration inside which is where you will need it the most!

To the courageous and inquisitive: True You Hot Yoga is the healthy commitment that teaches discipline is the pathway to freedom.

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