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This week’s assignment has to do with non-violence. Your first reaction might be "What?! I'm not violent". Killing and doing physical harm are grosser forms of violence but non-violence has subtler implications as well. Feeling hurried, competitive, overworked, afraid, and speaking harshly of ourselves or others are also forms of violence. I know, with my own practice of non-violence, anytime I feel angry at someone about something and feel tempted to voice it I get a deep feeling of caution within me. No matter how justified I feel in the moment, most often than not I have no right to speak out about another based on my own anger. This is a very deep practice that I hold near and dear to me. I fail for sure but I practice. Just like on my mat.

Another form of violence is not wishing your "competitor" success or down right working against someone you feel is your competitor because of the fear that it will thwart your own success. These may be things that you don't do but at the same time you might just find a hidden thought or feeling "if they succeed that means I won't". There is plenty to go around. We know some of these fears take place because the evidence is clear in our schools by the bullying that is taking place. Sometimes we feel we need to win. My gosh, this idea is thread into the very fabric of this country based on how we won our "freedom" but we need to limit this attitude to its rightful place.

How about violence to ourselves? We have one body for this lifetime. This is the ONLY car will will get and yet we have acts of violence against it everyday. Our emotions become a part of our body, Period! So every time you say your fat or whatever other way you might speak to yourself that is not kind your are doing violence to yourself. Drinking, smoking, sugar, poor diet and under eating are all acts of violence to yourself.

Love lies at the core of non-violence and it all begins with self-love. Self-love often lies in our precious balance. If you are overworked, hurried and disorganized. Slow down, don't blame anyone but yourself and, in love, find your balance.

This week notice your habits. If you can improve just one habit that will treat your body better, do it. This can be as simple as boiling a yam rather than going out to eat. Drinking water rather than coffee or soda.

This week notice your language and what you choose to say. If it is an act of violence to yourself or others, learn to pause, let the feeling pass without speaking out first.

Your life, your observation and your choice if you want to share. I love you and remember ~ you are perfect and there is plenty to go around for everyone.

To the courageous and inquisitive: True You Hot Yoga is the healthy commitment that teaches discipline is the pathway to freedom.

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