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This week's assignment has to do with truth. Truth is is a very tricky subject. Most of us know when we are telling a white lie--a lie that will protect the feeling of another when it is in their highest good.

What about the lies we tell ourselves that are not in our highest good? These "little" lies might be about a relationship we are in. We know the relationship is not in our best interest but we are afraid to end it for social implications. Or we lie to ourselves about our lifestyle trying to justify a behavior when we know deep down this is not in our highest good. Or what about being nice rather than being real? Sometimes nice is just a cover up because being real is far to difficult or courageous.

Being honest and real takes courage! At the top of that list is not worrying about the opinions of others, about your authenticity, or your unique path. Real, though not always pleasant, is trustworthy. Sometimes when I give people an honest compliment they say "you're so sweet." I always laugh and say "I'm not sweet! I'm honest." This makes the compliment so much better.

When we silence or distort ourselves we begin to lose our lust of life. The wonder starts to fade as we are unwilling to present our truth. Being dishonest with yourself almost always has a way of holding you back. We are here to evolve, learn, and move forward. That takes a big dose of courage and reality or "soul," ie: truth searching.

Notice when you are afraid to be 100% yourself. When you are afraid to stand up for yourself because it is not popular or convenient. Have you fibbed to someone because the truth is just too courageous or downright dangerous? Have you lied to yourself because the truth would be too difficult for you to face? This stuff is pretty private but share on our Facebook group page if you want. Write about it if that helps you with clarity.

Stay close to this this week, please. We are purifying one week at a time!

To the courageous and inquisitive: True You Hot Yoga is the healthy commitment that teaches discipline is the pathway to freedom.

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