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This week’s assignment has to do with non-excess. When has a good thing, a fun thing, turned into too much? I have relied on exercise to keep me in balance since I was in my early 20's, ridding my body of excess energy but I have certainly gone overboard throwing my self into a manic state of kinetic energy by overdoing the very thing that acts as good medicine for me to achieve balance.

What about the vacations we take to rest and recover from our busy lifestyles only to come home and want to take a vacation from our vacation as we spent our precious time over-indulging in activity, food, and drink, leaving ourselves lethargic rather than refreshed. Can we slow down and practice "just enough" so we leave the moment feeling calm and refreshed rather than lethargic or aggressive from doing too little or too much?

I learned a great lesson years ago from overspending on clothes. My closets were packed with stuff to wear. I loved the feeling of buying a new outfit, but for me, there came a point where I was deep in excess. I had purchased far more than I needed, ultimately leading to feelings of regret as most of those items, only worn once or twice, ended up in storage bags in my shed. I was getting ready for Robert’s show on Friday, wanting to look great, but I had not bought something new in a while. I thought to myself, "What is memorable is his event and your support. I'm not sure, in a week from now anyone will remember what you wore, but Robert will remember that you were there in love and admiration for a long time.”

And how about the storage sheds and the landfills we have filled to the brim? Are your closets, pantries, storage sheds, and garages filled with items of excess? Why? Are you afraid you will not have enough or "get yours"? When the Butte fires happened we all had a chance to give our excess to those with absolutely nothing. The giving of your excess most likely gave you a breath of fresh air and a wonderful feeling of reciprocity and balance.

I believe one cup of coffee in the morning is not a bad thing. It actually gives me a beautiful wake up but if I drink coffee beyond that, sipping on it all day, I feel tired and dehydrated. I am so in love with how my Green Shake makes me feel, often drinking two a day, BUT one cannot live on Green Shakes. Have you ever over-indulged on a good thing, turning it into something of excess?

Working hard makes me feel important. I was taught at a very young age that if I work hard, I'm doing good. It is very clear to me that I work too hard at times thinking I'm "doing good,” then it becomes an area of excess to the point that I do not feel comfortable resting or having fun. I plan to make having fun a bigger part of my life and to stop living in the excess of work out of fear or a false sense of importance or duty. Do you have your own area of excess that gives you a false sense of emotional security?

This week try to work, play, and be to the point of feeling balanced or having increased energy rather than depleting your energy. Learn to know when enough is enough.

Trust that enough will show up for you without you having to overdue it.

Big Love People!!!

To the courageous and inquisitive: True You Hot Yoga is the healthy commitment that teaches discipline is the pathway to freedom.

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