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This week’s assignment has to do with non-attachment. Also considered non-greed, non-grasping, non-clinging, and non-coveting. This assignment is one I have been working on for a very long time. As a recovering control freak attachment is something I am well versed at.

My teacher once said to me " All attachment leads to suffering.” She said it in passing but I grasped onto the statement and began to work with it. I thought to myself, "Fantastic, I will learn to attach to nothing and then my suffering will diminish." The studios are a great place to practice this principle, loving people while not getting attached to their story's or humanness. Right in the middle of my undertaking, my dog, whom I love so, so much, was let out of my back yard. I will never ever forget the grief that I went through that night!! I was literally down on my knees begging God not to take my Duffy away from me. Yes, I was deeply and happily attached.

Living with non-attachment, in my mind, is a dance. For those of us who are fully immersed in the world, loving and living without getting attached is very difficult indeed. What I have learned is to fully experience my feelings for what they are without clinging to them to the point of suffering. My dog has a great life because I do not covet her. I am so tempted to but that attachment would lessen her life experiences because of my own attachment and greed. She has a full calendar with many human and non-human friends because I practice non-attachment with her. Non-attachment does not mean we do not care but rather caring in a way to let others have their experience and be able to watch on the sidelines with joy.

Have you ever had an amazing meal and then wanted to recreate the experience only to find that you could not replicate the meal or the original feeling of satisfaction? Taking each moment for what it is and letting it stand alone is the dance. What if we looked at life and it's experiences like the breath, knowing full well that if we take in a deep, deep breath there will surely be another one waiting for us? Can we do that with our multitude of experiences? Can we practicing knowing that more will come to us? Maybe it will not look exactly like the last satisfying thing but it will be satisfying in its own right with no need to compare it to anything. Can we fully appreciate this moment knowing a new and unique will come in its own time?

I love sweets, ice cream, cookies, cake, all of it. Of course, sweets are not good for me. When I think of giving up sweets, I revolt. I bargain with myself at the thought of never eating sweets again. Clearly I am attached and that very attachment has me clinging and stubborn. Who is suffering? Me or the sweets?

This week practicing loving and then letting go. Enjoying the moment for what it is, knowing full well a new unique moment will come without the need to attach to the last moment. Let us Live and Let Live.

To the courageous and inquisitive: True You Hot Yoga is the healthy commitment that teaches discipline is the pathway to freedom.

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