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"Done in a non-heated room. Every class is different, True Sculpt is a formula."

Through Yoga and True Sculpt, it is possible to attain optimal homeostasis.

True Sculpt Is a unique combination of backward bending, body weight movements, and yoga while being guided through a moving mediation done in a nonheated room bringing extreme health and balance to the spine and muscular system while vastly improving organ health. True Sculpt is extremely fun and rewarding while producing a superior result. True Sculpt will produce a lean body that is glowing with the health and vibrancy of backward bending and organic strength.

ANYONE can backward bend. The staff at True You will start you on a backward bending regime that will be tailored for you. We will meet you at YOUR starting point and guide you to the body you were meant to live in. Backward Bending is extremely healing and IS healing people every day at our Studio!

The group setting has a fun club environment. Nothing achieves a body like backward bending but sticking to it can be difficult. With True Sculpt, that difficulty stops! As a class, we will backward bend together, doing bodyweight movements together while being guided by a qualified instructor who will help you mold your perfect spine, your perfect body. It’s urban mediation for the modern-day yogi.

To the courageous and inquisitive

To the courageous and inquisitive: True You Hot Yoga is the healthy commitment that teaches discipline is the pathway to freedom.

Physical Therapy

We consider MTM to be Physical therapy. We believe MTM combined with the proper combination of yoga will help you achieve relief for back pain and other ailments associated with tension, muscular imbalance, and poor spinal health. Each individual is going to require a different combination of MTM and Yoga to achieve their balance. We can help you decide on your perfect combination.

Born Out of Yoga

MTM is born out of yoga. It is designed to be done in conjunction with Yoga so that you can achieve a viable and acceptable form of strength that is in line with those who understand the extreme value of a yoga body. A yoga body is flexible, strong, and properly structured. Yogis understand that the human body is a conduit for consciousnesses and want to create a body that can effectively transmit energy.

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