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Helena's about to get all deep on you…

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Helena's about to get all deep on you

I think I'm about to get all deep on you.

I have always been clear that the True You community is a family and in times like these, that vision is crystal clear. A family has a common goal and an understood system. The system that the True You family has been working with for years is faith and discipline. We've always had faith in the process of yoga and the discipline to act on it and it is times like these where we get to put this into practical practice.

The process of yoga is often slow, barely detectable to the human eye from day to day, but noticeable in moments of clarity. We get the pleasure of feeling relief after a tough class but it's really the accumulation of our practice that is its jewel. As a family we practice discipline. We practice the discipline of showing up regularly, of maintaining a steady breath, and keeping a calm disposition in the midst of something difficult.

When one thinks of discipline they might quickly be brought to a place of restriction, but as yogis we know different. We know that discipline is actually the cornerstone of lightness. In times of uncertainty it is our discipline to act in love, compassion, and good ol' fashioned fun that will keep us tethered to our peace of mind. Discipline actually allows the moment to be very light, simple and innocent.

Our time is now. It is my personal belief that we owe it to our fellow community members to be faithful in a positive future and to remember that in this moment we are creating our future. Each thought we have, each action we take, and every emotion that we feel becomes a derivative of our future. The future lives in the present moment and we are the creators of our future by our present moment awareness and through our ability to choose. Our consciousness has never been so important, so impactful.

There's a golden light at the end of this tunnel so long as we continue to have faith and discipline for the collective. Yoga is union. We are all in this together. We always have been in it together, as a family, at the edge of our seat or in a deep, deep savasana one sweat drop at a time.

We are Oneness

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We are Oneness

When I started getting serious about yoga, one of the first things I was taught was the concept of non-separation--not physical separation like we are experiencing now, though I think it can be very unhealthy and healthy at the same time, but separation from others in a spiritual sense. We are oneness. So how does this play out when people's morals, values and ideals do not align with ours? Simply said, we let each person have their experience to the best of our ability without judgement or prejudice.

I think it is safe to say that together we have a collective vision. We all want the world to be a safe, stable, and loving place. World peace is a tall order. :) We are not going to accomplish that by fighting with each other about who is right and who is wrong. That is very clear. We are going to accomplish our common goal with unity. Being unified when someone shares a different view than your own is as simple as allowing someone their belief and their process--not beating them over the head with your ideals. You might be proving a point but damaging the collective in the process.

Our primary focus and our strongest defense is the building of our own energy field and the ability to transmit that without words. We are better when our focus is on what we want. Us for us in unity.

Our collective conscious is extremely powerful. It is my belief that the plethora of influences available to us creates our consciousness and shape our choices. Starting with our family and then the company we keep, the books we read, the schools and churches we attend, the media we consume, the prayers we pray and what we do with our meditation, our motives and our intentions. These are all things we should deeply consider.

I had a hard time in the beginning of my sequestering as I felt like the rug had been pulled out from underneath me. Maybe you felt that, too. For me, it was very difficult to enjoy being home, even though it's something I have always craved. Today I thought to myself, "You should enjoy this more. " I finally allowed the moment to possess the future I want.

We are all in this together. We are powerful. Our collective energy is what will move us forward. We got this! Our nation's unity and our ability to operate and possess love for ourselves and each other has never been so important!

Becoming more light; Becoming true you; A gift to the collective

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Becoming true you

We are inching closer to being unified in person! I am starting to get really excited. As I talk with people, I get the overwhelming feeling that we are all on very personal journeys, even though those journeys are influenced and in concert with the collective. I feel such a calling to spread a message of unity and light consciousness at this time.

At the end of the day one of the best things about yoga is that it unifies you with your body. Clearly your mind and body are one unit. When you do yoga, you unlock the messages from your body and you attempt to unify them with your mind. You remove the blockages that allows the body to connect more wholly, giving you a much broader sense of well-being.

You would be surprised by the information your body stores. As yogis we are trained to follow and focus on sensation. We all know the feeling of getting the chills when something feels so right, or our hearts swelling with love until we are involuntarily reduced to tears, and we know the sick feeling we get in our stomach when something just doesn't feel right. Louise Hay started a movement about the messages from your body to the mainstream over 30 years ago and that movement is coming to an apex now. Listening to the language of your body and trusting it like you would the English language is now mainstream.

The cleaner your body is, the more light your body holds, the more accurate these messages become. A part of your mind is like a word processor--information in, information out, but your body is not exactly operating from that standpoint. On one hand it is because we store all sorts of information in our bodies, especially information that is more emotionally charged, and that has a big influence on our thinking. On the other hand we are not what emotionally charges us, we are not the information we take in--we are light beings being expressed by a human body and a human experience. The more light you put into your body through the clearing out of toxic waste, impressed thoughts, and negative emotions, the more the True You will be expressed. This is so key right now!

It is my belief that we are in an ascension process on the planet. Awakening, cleansing, letting go and then rebirth. Many of us are processing, slowing down and paying attention in a whole new way--all really good things for the cleansing process. The more light we express, the better for ourselves and the collective. We at True You want to help you grow in your light one sweat drop at a time.

Mother's Day

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Mother's Day

There are two things that come to mind when I think of mothers: unconditional love and Mother Nature. There is so much love that goes into raising a child. This love takes shape in the way of sacrifice, attention, allowing and wonder.

A friend of mine once said to me, "I am afraid to have children because you really don't know what you are going to get." That's so true! A big part of unconditional love is accepting the soul that has been brought forth to you and fostering their light. The biggest beauty in humanity is our uniqueness. Each soul, brought through by a mother and Mother Nature, is a very unique spark of divinity to love and behold.

A mother has the daunting task of caring for her child while the child is helpless and completely dependent on her. The mother is shaping that care based on the character and expression of the child, each shaping each other. It is my belief that the moment this union is made an influence and a wonder starts to take place. There is so much beauty in watching love and light being expressed through a new life. There is an equal beauty to the new life being in a state of wonder and drinking up the absolute love of the mother. In this union we learn the law and value of reciprocity.

There is an incredible amount of selflessness that goes into birthing and raising a child. I know my parents chose to put in a tremendous amount of work and sacrifice in order for me to be able to do what I do today. There are many times a mother sets aside her comfort for the moment to secure a better future for her child. Mothering is also a call to create a future and make steps for our future generations.

On Mother's Day we celebrate the sacrifice a mother makes to raise a child and we celebrate uniqueness. We celebrate unconditional love and we celebrate creation. We seek out the soul expression in one another and like a mother to her child, we foster that light. We fully accept that we are all very unique in how we express ourselves. We celebrate what it takes to birth a new life. We celebrate the organic nature of creation and the power of Mother Nature. We celebrate evolution and we celebrate the light. Today Mom, we celebrate you.

To the courageous and inquisitive

To the courageous and inquisitive: True You Hot Yoga is the healthy commitment that teaches discipline is the pathway to freedom.

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